How to get your Google adsense pin in Nigeria

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      There is no magic in getting your Google adsense pin in Nigeria anymore.

      Once Google say they have sent your pin, then just know that they have sent it. The next thing you have to do is exercise patience and keep pumping in that content to keep increasing your money in your Google adsense account.

      But note that to get your Google adsense pin easily in Nigeria you must do one thing right. And that is your address and po box address must be right because that is where Google will send your pin to.

      A friend of mine got the same adsense pin twice from the same po box.

      Now this is what you will do. After you fill in your address clearly, next thing is to find the nearest PO box number to your location and enter it in the provided field.

      Nigeria Postal Codes

      Because Google will only send your pin to your PO box not to your address directly.

      After two months start checking up the nearest Post office in your area. If you have a connect in the office, collect the person’s number for further checks on your pin.

      Sooner than later you will receive your Google adsense pin in Nigeria and start making some cool cash online.

      Good luck.

      Let me know your Google adsense experience or worries. I can help where I can.

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