How to start a business with no money in Nigeria

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      Dan Lok, the author of the most popular video on how to start a business with out money, failed the 2 million entrepreneurs like you who ran to him for help, the very moment he said you need a job and some money first.

      Because you can actually start a business without any Naira in your pocket or bank account.

      Let’s start here.

      First thing you have to keep in mind when starting out without any money is that you have to have a dream, a mission and a vision.

      If you have those 3 things in place, then ideas will flow easily. Because you need ideas to ginger you up when you are down.

      Now lets see your best 4 options.

      Option 1
      Ok, you have a business idea. What do you do next. first reach out to your family and friends for help. Yes. you need every help you can get at this point.

      If you have been a good person and has maintained a strong personality in your circle, these people won’t hesitate to help you out.

      Option 2
      Small loan

      These days some new loan companies are willing to dish out small loans to people with good reputation, if you have one, they might be of help to you.

      And remember you are just starting out. So don’t take huge loan to try out a business without a reasonable amount of customer base.

      Because you want to make sure that you can pay back the loan when due.

      Option 3
      Another good option you have is getting the money from your customer to get the specific goods they need.

      You sell to them, substract your profit and repeat the process till you are good enough to get the goods without running to them.

      Option 4
      This option is the reverse of the above option. This time you go to the supplier first. Plead with them that you need this goods on consignment.

      Draw out a simple agreement with the supplier that states that when you sell the goods to your customer, you will pay them back.

      Its a win-win for you, the supplier and the customer.
      And besides your kobo is not involve in the whole transaction process.

      Can you see how easy it is to become a million naire without any money in Nigeria?

      Don’t think too much about it. Go out and try one of these ideas now!

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